Recent design works at Macmillan Publishers

A sample unit concept design:

A pitch design for a ministry secondary level education product. For some initial sketches of this project, please click here.


Secondary ELT spreads:

Lifeskill section spread designs for a secondary English learning course title.


Primary titles:

A new supplement for an international primary course title.

Standardised materials design

Some of the materials I produced for internal use. The icons (on the left) are a part of sets of standardised icons to use in both print and digital platforms, whereas the course visual (on the right) are parts of a course structure template for marketing and sales usage.

Artwork redraws and commissioning

The artwork on the top is a piece recreated by me for a Phonics course title proposal; Artworks on bottom left and middle are a series of redrawn cover illustrations for a reprint title; the bottom right artworks are parts of an illustration concept developed by Daniel Marks and Sean Sears for an animation project commissioned by me.
The full video can be viewed below: